November 30, 2011


Topigs imports 1,000 breeding pigs to China


Dutch genetics company, Topigs has imported 1,003 breeding pigs to China.


These animals originate from the company's nucleus farms in Canada.


The great grandparent animals are the top of the breeding pyramid and have the highest SPF health status.


The imported pigs will be used to build up extra breeding capacity in China for the production of breeding pigs, and they and their offspring will be distributed to clients around the country. In this way, it is possible to comply with the growing demand of genetics in China as the robust and highly productive genetics are in higher demand.


The imported breeding stock will be housed at the facilities of Topigs Huanshan. This is a joint venture company of the breeding organisation and the Huanshan Group. The farm is a modern one with well equipped facilities. "This is an important step for pig breeding in China," says Jeffen Chen, manager for the company in China.


"With the imported breeding stock it is possible to provide fast growing professional pig industry with top shelf genetics, making it possible to produce at high level."


Huanshan is a corporation with permanent assets close to RMB10million (US$1.6million), having 1,800 staff, a modern agricultural enterprise which has integrated businesses including feed production, husbandry and pigs slaughtering.

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