November 30, 2011


EU urged to impose pig, poultry origin labelling



To protect consumers and producers' livelihoods, IFA President John Bryan has called on the EU government to implement right away new labelling for pig and poultry meat of its country of origin.


Bryan said the announcement by the EU Commission that country-of-origin would be extended to pig and poultry meat from next month was an important landmark in exposing imports that failed to meet the high standards on traceability and animal welfare adhered to by European producers.


He said that for too long, producers outside Europe have avoided the scrutiny that applies to producers here. Compulsory country-of-origin will clarify in consumers' minds what complies with the highest standards.


The IFA President said the government must ensure the effective implementation of the regulations. He said farmers who have campaigned for this will not tolerate any hold-up in setting up a robust policing system here.

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