November 29, 2021


Ukraine sees pig numbers falling below six-million mark again



The total number of pigs at the start of November was 5.98 million, 3.2% less than a year ago, according to the country's State Statistics Service.


The drop amounted to almost 200,000 animals less than the previous period.


Of note, the number of pigs in Ukraine has once again dropped below the six-million mark. The negative trend was highlighted by analysts of the Association Pig Breeders of Ukraine with reference to data from the State Statistics Service.


The analysts pointed out that, in addition to the 9.5% reduction in the backyard pig inventory, the increase in the census on large farms is slowing down.


In order to "make up for the reduction in livestock on private farms, the increase in industrial farms would have to be at least five times larger. However, in light of the market trends of the last year, such a breakthrough is virtually impossible," said the association.


- PigUA (Ukraine)