November 29, 2021

Mowi Scotland improves shore base in Kingairloch


A new shore base has been created at Mowi Scotland's site in Kingairloch, Scotland, the United Kingdom, which includes new offices, toilets, shower, kitchen dining area, drying room and a laboratory, significantly improving facilities for the team of six at the farm.


The base feed barge had also been upgraded. After a full out-of-water inspection, it is freshly painted with Mowi branding and has new access points, handrails and outdoor electric lights.


Speaking about the investment at Kingairloch, farm manager Lewis Gibson said: "Everyone working here at Kingairloch has been here for two years and we are all delighted with the transformation of the site. Not only do the improvements benefit us in terms of staff welfare, the addition of the shore base means that we now have a shore link to the feed barge, which is also looking great following the refurb.


"The shore link, with its computer and camera system, means that we can now feed the salmon remotely as well as directly from the feed barge. This has dramatically increased our flexibility as a team. It means that severe weather or staffing challenges will no longer disrupt our feeding pattern. We need a minimum of two staff on the feed barge and we are always at the mercy of the elements when it comes to operating the vessel."


The Kingairloch site is currently receiving next-generation smolts.


- Mowi Scotland