November 29, 2021


Philippines to distribute remaining funds to backyard raisers affected by ASF


The Philippines has been paying ₱5,000 (US$99.13) for every culled pig to backyard raisers in African swine fever-infected areas, since the start of ASF outbreaks in 2019.


In all, the country's Department of Agriculture (DA) has received a requested total of ₱2.158 billion (US$43.6 million) to indemnify affected backyard hog raisers, of which ₱1.697 billion (US$33.7 million) has already been paid to 48,530 farmer-beneficiaries, who owned 379,420 culled hogs. Agriculture Secretary William Dar said the remaining amount of ₱461 million (US$9.1 million) is set to be released to indemnify the remaining backyard raisers, who owned roughly 92,200 culled hogs.


In addition to the indemnification, DA has provided ASF-affected farmers financial and technical assistance through the agency's twin programme — "Bantay ASF sa Barangay" and Integrated National Swine Production Initiatives (INSPIRE). Both initiatives are implemented by DA's National Livestock Program, in partnership with the local government units, swine raisers' groups, the private sector and professional veterinary associations.


Under its hog repopulation programme, DA has to date distributed 8,169 sentinel pigs to 3,061 farmer-beneficiaries in 312 ASF-free barangays. It will also establish 10 community-based production facilities in ASF-free areas or "green zones" through clustering and consolidation, including a climate-controlled 300-head grower capacity building located in a bio-secured area, and 16 swine breeder multiplier farms, in partnership with hog farmers' cooperatives and associations, local government units, and state universities and colleges.


- Department of Agriculture