November 29, 2011


Pakistani farmers complete one-third of wheat sowing



Pakistan's farmers only sowed wheat in eight million acres out of the 22 million acres target amid the highest ever input prices.


As per sources, provincial and federal governments have no control over input prices and they have given free hand to the dealers and manufacturers to loot the growers in terms of charging unjustified prices for the sale of urea fertiliser.


The sources told that wheat was sewed on around eight million acres yet against the target of 22 million acres and the government seems not able to achieve the target. The government had to facilitate farmers by making the cost of inputs cheaper or announcing higher procurement price along with the promise that it would buy every single grain from the farmers on the prescribed price.


If the government wants to oblige the fertiliser manufacturers, it will have to spend several billions extra money to purchase commodity though this formula would make mockery of the government. But, whether government should go behind culprits or adopt this formula, it has to make sure the wheat flour availability.


In the given circumstance, the sources said that wheat sowing target will not be achieved and moreover wheat production might face a shortfall of 2-3 million tonnes that will burden the national kitty.

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