November 29, 2011


Russian grain output reaches 97.8 million tonnes



Russia's grain harvest reached 97.8 million tonnes in bunker weight, according to Russian Agriculture Minister, Skrynnik.


Skrynnik also noted that deliveries of Russian grain on the world market are projected at 25 million tonnes of sugar - 200 thousand tonnes of sunflower oil.


The growth of agricultural production for the year is projected at 14%.


In addition, according to its figures, in 2011, will be produced livestock and poultry slaughter weight in a volume of 7.5 million tonnes, up 333 thousand tonnes, or 4.7% more than in 2010.


At the same time on the basis of nine months of 2011 the number of cows increased by 55 thousand units, or 0.6%. Beef production in recent years has stabilised at 1.7 million tonnes.

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