November 29, 2011


Russia posts 8.4% rise in poultry production



Russia produced 2.8 million tonnes of poultry meat between January and October 2011, which is 8.4% more than the 2.4 million tonnes produced in the same period last year.


From 2008 to 2011, poultry production in Russia grew almost 50% according to estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


According to the meat union, Russia is now has 85% self-sufficiency for poultry, and for the past three years, the share of imports in the Russian market of poultry meat production declined steadily by 4% to 5% per year. Earlier this year, experts predicted that the growth rates of poultry production during the same period should be from 4% to 6%.


First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, last week stated that with the recent growth in the poultry industry, Russia will be able to be fully self sufficient in poultry in the next two years. "We have estimated that the dynamics, which is presented in the development of this industry, will allow us to completely provide the country with domestic poultry production by 2014. A few years ago we couldn't have even dreamed about that," said Zubkov.


Poultry meat exports have also hit records. According to estimates of the National Association of Poultry Producers (Rosptitsesoyuz), poultry exports could rise 6-fold by the end of 2011, to 90,000tonnes.

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