November 28, 2019


Egg farmers hold protest at Poultry India 2019 exhibition



Chakradhar Rao, Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers' Association (IPEMA) president said increased feed prices and a drop in realisation prices meant farmers suffered losses, reported The Hindu.


He said for every egg produced and sold, farmers lost almost 1 INR (~US$0.014) per egg, adding that financial assistance should be provided to farmers.


Rao called for the government to announce a minimum support price for eggs, along with a subsidised preferential tariff for electricity. The current proposed subsidies are at 2 INR (~US$0.028) per unit.


Other proposed measures by the farmers include a municipal and panchayat (village) tax exemption and interest subsidy grant to maintain rates between 6% and 7%.


The IPEMA president also called for the central government uphold the 100% import duty for poultry and stop chicken leg residue and leftover dumping under the form of processed chicken.


Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries Minister said a minimum support price for eggs is important, and a state government sub-committee to formulate poultry policies will discuss this and other challenges affecting farmers.


The 'Save the Poultry Farmers' protest held up messages urging farmers to be saved from breeders, hatcheries, feed and medicine companies.


375 companies are participating in the Poultry India 2019 exhibition, organised by IPEMA to display new technologies and approaches to farmers that could reduce cost of production.


-  The Hindu