November 28, 2016


EFSA publishes scientific opinion on Olmix mycotoxin binder




The EFSA (European Feed Safety Agency) has published its scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of the new material Algae Interspaced Bentonite-Montmorillonite (AIBM), developed and patented by Olmix.


AIBM is a bentonite that has been modified using specific polysaccharides extracted from green algae, Ulva spp., called generically ulvans. AIBM is an algoclay material with an extended interlayer space that allows different interactions with various mycotoxins. This algoclay fulfills the strict requirements of in vitro aflatoxin-binding capability, as stated by the EFSA.


The EFSA has also assessed the safety of this additive for its use on all animal species. It is also deemed to be non-genotoxic and safe for consumers, and for the environment.


This opinion opens the path to getting the authorisation from the European Commission as a substance to reduce mycotoxin contamination in feed, and is a first milestone in the strategy of Olmix to register AIBM as a substance capable of reducing contamination by several mycotoxins.

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