November 28, 2011


Russia's meat output expected to rise 4.7% on-year


Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik said Friday (Nov 25) that Russia's meat output is expected to increase 4.7% on-year to 7.5 million tonnes.


Of the total, the highest growth is expected in the poultry production sector, Skrynnik said, adding that domestic poultry production is to grow 10.6% on the year to 3.2 million tonnes in 2011.


Russia's pork production is expected to be up 4.6% on the year to 2.4 million tonnes this year, the minister added.


In addition, Skrynnik said that Russia's beef and milk production stabilized at around 1.7 million tonnes and 31.5–32 million tonnes respectively over the past several years.

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