November 28, 2008

US company recalls chicken products on allergy fears

John Soules Foods has recalled about 8,496 pounds of cooked chicken strip products, according to the USDA on Wednesday (Nov 26, 2008).


The package says 'gluten-free' but the seasoning has wheat in it, which could cause a problem if consumers are allergic to wheat, said Dr. Mark Andersen, company director of quality assurance.


Andersen said a total of 829 pounds of rotisserie and Italian strips in 24-ounce packages were sold nationwide.


"We discovered the issue and removed the products from the shelves before any more got sold. The customers have already been contacted who bought that product," Andersen said, adding that anyone who is not contacted did not buy the product.


The products were produced on November 7 and November 13, and distributed to retail establishments in states including Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and lllinois, said the USDA.

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