November 27, 2019

Japan to tighten border inspections for African swine fever


The government plans to give quarantine officers at airports additional powers to prevent African swine fever (ASF) from making its way into the country, reported NHK World Japan.

Japan's Agriculture Ministry is proposing new legal amendments to stop ASF from entering Japan by air.

The proposal will give quarantine officers the power to inspect travellers' baggage for meat products without their consent, and allow the officers to question travellers to find out if they are carrying meat products.

Also part of the new legal amendments are stiffer penalties for those who carry unauthorised meat products into Japan. These include a three-year prison sentence or fine of US$9,200.

Additionally, the officials can cull uninfected swine that are raised near ill swine.

The proposed legal amendments by the Agriculture Ministry will be submitted to the 2020's Diet ordinary session.

This follows the Agriculture's Ministry other bill submission to the diet to permit swine culls to stop ASF.

- NHK World Japan