November 27, 2019


Philippines' Department of Agriculture calls for pork bans to be lifted among provinces


The country's Department of Agriculture (DA) has yet to finalise its zoning plan to contain and eliminate African swine fever (ASF) from further spreading in Philippines, reported The Rappler.


Ariel Cavanan, Agriculture Undersecretary called for governors to lift the ban on live swine and swine products in their provinces, and for governors to be open to agreements with the government and swine industry.


It has been two months since the DA announced the zoning plan, which would declare the following areas ASF-free – Visayas, Mindanao, and Mimaropa in Luzon. These ASF-free declared zones will be free to trade swine and swine products within the Philippines.


The DA is still working on the final parameters of the zoning plan.

Local government units (LGU) were unhappy over the DA's ASF guidelines, resulting in a number of provinces and cities to enforce a total ban of swine and swine products in their area.


Anna Lisa Uy, representing the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines said the DA should quickly enforce its zoning measure, as the blanket ban on swine imports by LGUs have made it difficult for swine farmers to sell pork. She added that it is difficult for non-swine producing provinces to start breeding swine.


The Philippine government has implemented a 1-7-10 protocol to manage the spread of ASF in the country. ASF-infected swine and other swine within 1km of ASF-positive discovered cases are culled, while the movement of swine within a 7km radius are prohibited. Swine located 10km away from an ASF-positive discovered case are monitored stringently.


Funds from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's office have been approved to be channelled towards the compensation of swine farmers who were forced to cull swine herds due to ASF.


-      The Rappler