November 26, 2021


Genetic tech company partners with Canadian beef industry



Dave Sibbald, the president of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council, announced a partnership earlier this week involving Alberta tech company Xerris Inc. and ranchers throughout Saskatchewan and Western Canada, 980 CJME reported.

Speaking at trade show Agribition, Sibbald said the data collected by Xerris Inc. will help ranchers better understand their cattle's genetics.

"This is really about how do we improve on the great things that we have today," Sibbald said. "The beef value chain is a strong one here in Canada; this is just allowing us to be stronger by sharing the valuable data that we have with one another.

He added that the partnership is the first of its kind globally.

According to Sibbald, the plan is to link data from birth to consumption. He said: "I do believe our customer at the end — which is quite frankly the most important component of what we do in this food production world — they have a pretty good path from start to finish."

It was not announced how data will be collected, but Sibbald said it will be a long-term project.