November 26, 2021


Atlantic salmon added to red list of species in Norway under threat


The wild Atlantic salmon has been added to a 'red list', a database of threatened, endangered and extinct species in Norway, for the first time after its population halved over the past 40 years.


Due to declining stocks, the fish has been classified as "near threatened" on the list, which is complied by the Species Data Bank.


"The main reason the species is on the red list is that we have seen a decline," Snorre Henriksen, senior advisor at the Species Data Bank, explained to public broadcaster NRK.


Lice and diseases spread by escaped farmed salmon are considered the biggest reason for declining salmon stocks in Norway, according to the species monitor.


"Infections related to salmon farming are also a significant threat," the Species Data Bank wrote in its database entry on Atlantic salmon.


Between 1983 and 2019, the number of adult salmon returning from sea to spawning pools decreased by 51%.


- The Local Norway