November 25, 2016

Diamond V launches NutriTek for European market




On November 15, Diamond V officially launched NutriTek®, a new nutritional health technology for the European dairy market, at EuroTier in Hanover, Germany.


Peter Zieger, technical sales support manager for Diamond V in Europe, reported on recent European farm trials that confirmed North American scientific research and producer experience. The European research validated the NutriTek milk production increase of more than three liters compared to production without a Diamond V product.


"Diamond V has much research in dairy, with more than 45 peer-reviewed journal articles, including the 2012 meta-analysis of Diamond V Original product technology covering 36 separate studies in 12 countries," Dr. Zieger said.


NutriTek is Diamond V's most advanced nutritional health product for all dairy animals, according to Dr. Zieger. He noted that NutriTek technology builds on the proven success of Diamond V Original technology in the European dairy industry. He called attention to a three-year study of dairy cow health on 14 farms in southern Germany.


"We need natural, nutritional health solutions." Dr. Zieger said. "We have to reduce antibiotic use. Consumers are (compelling) us to reduce."


In the US, NutriTek has enabled dairy producers to optimise cow health and performance despite the long slump in milk prices, Dr. Zieger added. He pointed to controlled research and farm trials with the product that have involved more than 100,000 cows on more than 20 commercial dairies.


"The lactating dairy cow has a huge demand for energy, both to support milk production and her immune system," Dr. Zieger explained.


NutriTek provides unique bioactive compounds like DV Bioactives™ which include the proven metabolites of the Original technologies and new fermentation metabolites with proprietary antioxidants and polyphenols. These compounds function synergistically in the dairy cow to support immunity, health, and performance.


Dr. Zieger pointed out that optimised rumen health and balanced immune function translates to healthy cows that can perform to their genetic potential. Research shows NutriTek supports rumen health, dry matter intake in early lactation, maintenance of body weight, efficient feed utilisation, and milk production over the entire lactation.


"After only 10 months in the US, there are 600,000 cows on NutriTek," Dr. Zeiger said. "Producers are taking advantage of this technology during a very difficult period in the dairy markets."


- Diamond V

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