November 25, 2015


"Strong start" for Ireland's beef to US in 2015



Ireland's beef exports to the US jumped to about 1,300 tonnes in the first week of November this year, compared to a smaller volume of only 31 tonnes in June following an end to years of embargo on the trade.


The increase had been described as an "exceptionally strong start" by the Irish Department of Agriculture despite first deliveries being made in March and some plants getting export approvals as late as September, the Irish Times reported.


The positive trend demonstrated a "significant potential" for the market, a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said.


As the sole EU nation to be granted access into the US beef market since the "mad cow disease" scare of the 1990s, Ireland currently only exports high-value steak cuts, including fillet, rib-eye and sirloin, to the States. However, upmarket traders favour US beef more than top-quality meats from overseas, hence a smaller share of the US market for imports.


Until the export license is expanded to include mince, Ireland's beef exports to the US is expected to stay low. The trade is further complicated by the difference in E coli hygiene protocols between both nations.

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