November 25, 2011


Ukraine's grain production reaches 55.9 million tonnes



Ukraine produced 55.99 million tonnes of grains as of November 24 (Thu), according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.


According to the announcement, agrarians harvested grains and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 15.05 million ha, or 98% of the forecast. The average yield of these crops in the country totalled 37.2 c/ha against 28.4 c/ha last year.


In particular, agrarians harvested 20.4 million tonnes of corn throughout 3.29 million ha (92% of the forecast). The average yield totalled 61.9 c/ha, as opposed to 45.9 c/ha in 2010.


Ukraine also produced 2.24 million tonnes of soy throughout the areas of 1.11 million ha (99%). The average yield totalled 20.3 c/ha, as opposed to 16.1 c/ha in 2010.

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