November 25, 2011


Ukraine's Kremenchukmiaso to increase output by 11.5%


An increase in meat and sausage output by 11.5% to 14,500 tonnes is Kremenchukmiaso meat processing company's plan by late 2014 compared with 2011's projected production, Iryna Drozdova, the company's board chairman, said on November 21.


The company expects to produce 13,000 tonnes of meat products and sausages at the end of 2011; in 2012 the output is to up 13,500 tonnes due to reconstruction and reequipping of the sausage making shop.


To this effect, the company intends to attract UAH8 million (US$999,000) investments, the board chairman added. In 2012 it will launch the semi-finished product shop at full capacity. At present it is making pelmeni (a Siberian dish of small pockets of dough filled with seasoned, minced beef, lamb, or pork and served boiled, fried, or in a soup. In its performance Kremenchukmiaso focuses on the quality of products rather than on the volume of production. As Ukrainian News reported, in 2010, comparing with 2009, the company raised production in comparable prices by 33.79% or UAH113.337-448.75 million (US$14.15-56.02 million).


In 2010, Kremenchukmiaso increased production of sausages by 22.47% or 2,257 tonnes comparing with 2009, to 12,300 tonnes.

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