November 25, 2011


Russian government to consider duties on grain exports



Russian government may consider imposing duties on grain exports in early 2012, according to Sergei Sukhov from the Agriculture Ministry.


 "We will come back to the issue after the New Year and take into account data on gross (grain) harvest and exports," Sukhov said.


The domestic market is not currently facing a grain deficit, which is why imposing such a duty is groundless, Vladimir Tkachenko, deputy director of trade negotiation department at the Economic Development Ministry, also said.


Russia's grain harvest amounted to 97.5 million tonnes in bunker weight, as of Tuesday (Nov 22).


Russia could export around 17 million tonnes of grain by the end of 2011; First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said on July 1, the Russian government lifted its ban on grain exports which had been in effect since August 2010 in an effort to reduce grain prices amid a severe drought.


In 2010, the country's grain harvest fell 35% on the year to 60 million tonnes due to a severe drought, Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik said earlier.

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