November 25, 2011


Milk Link recruits 40% of milk for expansion


A recruitment of over 40% of the milk it needs for the expansion of Lockerbie Creamery has been announced by Milk Link.


The recruitment relates to Milk Link's GBP20 million (US$31.1 million) investment to transform its Lockerbie Creamery which, when complete, will enhance both its capacity and capabilities.


The site will reportedly benefit from a redevelopment with the installation of the latest processing technology increasing annualized production by 12,000 tonnes to over 37,000 tonnes of cheese per annum.


Shelagh Hancock, director of Milk Link's Milk business unit, said: "We have been delighted with the positive response we've had to our Lockerbie Creamery recruitment campaign and to date we have signed up some 50 million litres of milk on either Membership or long term direct supply contracts.


"Clearly the dairy farmers we are speaking to are attracted by the competitive milk price we are offering, but also by the opportunity to be part of a strong and forward looking farmer owned co-operative and the long term security that a well invested processing facility such as Lockerbie will offer them."

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