November 25, 2008

Brazilian farmers plant 67 percent of new 2008-09 soy


Brazilian farmers planted 67 percent of the new 2008-09 soy crop by November 21, Brazilian agribusiness consultancy Celeres said Monday (November 24).


Celeres said that the new planting was up from 55 percent on November 14 and compared with a five-year average of 69 percent.


Mato Grosso, Brazil's No. 1 soy-producing state, has planted 88 percent of its soy area, while Parana, the No. 2 producer, has planted 78 percent, according to Celeres.


Farmers in the centre-west soy belt are traditionally first to start planting, ahead of the likes of Parana and Rio Grande do Sul states in the south of Brazil.


Celeres said Brazilian sales of new 2008-09 soy crop remained static in the week to November 21.


Celeres said Brazilian farmers had sold 20 percent of their 2008-09 soy crop in the week, unchanged from the week before, and compared with a five-year average of 30 percent.


Brazilian farmers had also sold 97 percent of the old 2007-08 soy crop by November 21, compared with 96 percent the week before and 98 percent over a five-year average.


Brazil is the No. 2 soy producer behind the US.

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