November 25, 2008

Indonesia needs more than 50,000 tonnes of corn seeds


Indonesia's agriculture ministry has projected the country's need for corn seeds in the 2008/2009 planting season to be 58,665 tonnes for a total of 2.79 million hectares of plantations.


Food Crops Director General Sutarto Alimoeso said here on Sunday (Nov 23, 2008) that in order to meet the need for corn seeds of the farmers the government would provide 56,853 tonnes, of which 38,308 tonnes were certified seeds and 27,544 non-certified ones.


With over 56000 tonnes seeds made available by the government, there would be a surplus of seeds amounting to over 6.878 tonnes in the October-March planting season.


The varieties of the seeds included BISI-2, BISI-16, Jaya-2, Jaya-3, NK-22, SHS-12, NY-10, N-35, P-12, C-7, Bisma and Arjuna.


In the meantime the government is also planning to make available 22,152 tonnes of soy seeds in the same period, of which 21,225,641 tonness are certified. The soy seed varieties included Wilis, Anjasmoro, Grobogan, Baluran, Mahameru and others.

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