November 25, 2008
Biomin presents feed cost efficiency strategy at symposium
Press Release

BIOMIN today announced at the BIOMIN Feed Symposium in Seoul, practical strategies to driving feed cost efficiency and nutritional performance to leading animal feed manufacturers and nutritionists in Korea. 


The symposium aims at highlighting key proven insights and ideas to help peers advance business in the feed industry.


At the BIOMIN Feed Symposium 2008, professionals, consultants and veterinary nutritionists across the animal feed industry will be updated on the common industry challenges of managing feed costs against fluctuating commodity costs and the demands for high performance animal feed formulations. 


Invited keynote speaker, Professor Dr. Kim, Yoo-Yong of Seoul National University, will provide the audience on 'A New Perspective on Alternatives to Feed Raw Materials' emphasising on the importance of using good alternatives to conventional feed materials to reduce unnecessary feed space. Dr. Kim's works include various feeding trials to test and prove actual effects in real-life situations.


Another key industry presenter, Dr. Robert van Barneveld, a Consultant Research Scientist with Australian-based Barneveld Nutrition Pty Ltd and the BECAN Consulting Group, will deliver insights into established ways to improve formulation efficiency and saving feed costs, while at the same time, boosting livestock health and performance. Dr. Barneveld brings to the table over 19 years of expertise in feed evaluation research for monogastrics. During the session, he will also be introducing a step-wise approach to managing feed costs through feed formulation strategies including total and digestible amino acids, and use of additives such as NSP enzymes and phytase.


Last but not least, Ms. Han, a trained specialist in animal nutrition, will speak on mycotoxins in animal feed, its implications and counterstrategies, referencing results from the latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program 2008.


BIOMIN launches new enzyme product at Symposium
At this event, BIOMIN is also launching a new product, Biomin Phytase 5000, a third generation, 6-phytase originating from E. coli, in Korea. Biomin Phytase 5000 is a new generation of highly efficient enzyme that breaks down indigestible phytic acid (phytate) in grains and oil seeds, thereby releasing digestible phosphorus and calcium for animals. Key benefits of adding Biomin Phytase to diets include:
  • Improves phytate phosphorus utilization by 40-60 percent
  • Lowers feed costs by reducing dietary phosphorus without loss of performance and saves feed space
  • Reduces phosphorus excretion in manure and alleviates environmental problems in intensive farming systems
  • Increases bioavailability of calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and other minerals and has the potential to increase protein and amino acid digestibility as well as energy availability

Biomin Phytase is generally available for sales in Korea and is now shipping.


BIOMIN, a leading company focusing on Health in Animal Nutrition, develops and produces specialty feed additives, premixes and services to improve animal health and performance. 

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