November 25, 2008

Jilin's October export and import volumes reach US$8.2921 trillion


Jilin, a province in north-east China, had an export and import of US$829.21 million in October 2008 amid the global financial crisis, according to the Department of Commerce of Jilin.


Its export and import volumes have hit the lowest level since January 2008.


In detail, the province reached an export rise of 0.09 percent month-on-month in the period. For instance, it took an export decline of 97 percent in grain and grain flour. In the period, it hit an import decline of 100 percent in soy.


Influenced by adjustments from foreign trade policies in the nation, Jilin has had a downtrend in part of its main commodity export growth since 2008. In addition, the province estimates to have an export decline of US$500 million to US$600 million in 2008.

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