November 25, 2008

UGA urges authorities to help in promoting grain export


UGA (Ukrainian Grain Association) urges authorities to assist in immediate grain export promotion, Ukrainian Grain Association President Volodymyr Klymenko said in Kyiv.


According to him, this year Ukraine had a huge grain harvest totalling over 53.5 million tonnes. 26 million tonnes will satisfy the internal consumption, the rest should be exported. Over the last months Ukraine managed to export 10 million tons of grain.


According to Klymenko, the export situation is aggravating as Ukraine's main competitors - Russia and Kazakhstan - set a task to stimulate their own grain export.


In order not to lose the market outlets, UGA asks to revise tariffs for railway transportation as well as to immediately transfer to VAT refund for grain exporters according to alert principle.


If these measures do not kick in soon, Ukraine will not be able to export another 10 million tonnes of grain and the carry-over will amount to 17 million tonnes which will become a catastrophe for Ukrainian grain producers, UGA president claimed.

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