November 25, 2008


Strange disease in Indian village kills more than 25 cows


A strange disease Yallampalli in has affected the cattle since past few days causing the death of more than 25 cows.


Jersey and other varieties cows producing more than 10 litres of milk twice daily are collapsing in a matter of minutes and breathing their last, causing great anxiety in the villagers.


Speaking to Deccan Herald teacher Venkatesh said 4 days ago a yellowish froth was seen coming out of the mouth of a cow and seconds later it collapsed and died within seconds. After this around 25 cows were reported dead in several parts of the village.


The village is in a total confusion and scared as to when which cattle would die. The people are not stirring out of their houses anxiously inspecting their cattle for any sign of the dreaded disease.


Since the number of cattle deaths are increasing the villagers are not even able to bury the carcasses. They are simply dragging the dead cattle and leaving them outside the village.


Dr Venkatesh clarified that the cattle were inoculated last year and only the cattle of this village were left out as the inoculations had run out. It takes 50 days for the inoculation to work and now it is late.


Also the virus is spreading fast through the frothy saliva from the cattle. The situation is quite serious, he summed up. However no higher officials have made any effort to look into the matter.


KRV taluk president Chandarshekhar visited Yallampalli and demanded that the government should compensate the loss to the farmers.

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