November 25, 2008
China Broiler Weekly: AA broiler replenishment picks up (week ended Nov 23, 2008)


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Price summary


Broiler prices were lower in most regions.



Market analysis


AA broiler


Prices of AA broilers fell in most regions. Release volumes increased over the week.

Broiler replenishment picked up as farmers started to increase their inventories in preparation for release in the period before the Spring Festival which falls on January, 26. Breeding farms raised the prices of day old chicks consequently.


China breed broiler


Prices of China breed broilers were generally lower; however, prices rose in Guangdong amid tight supplies.

In Sichuan, prices of China breed broilers fell amid slack demand and increased supplies.


Market forecast
In the near term, prices of China breed broiler day-old-chicks are expected to fall as demand remained sluggish.


RMB1= US$0.1466 (Nov 25)


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