November 25, 2008


Slack demand drags down sulphate feed additive prices

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Prices were substantially lower.


Transacted prices of sulphate feed additives in China


Price as of Nov 7

Price as of Nov 21

Price Change




Cupric sulphate



-2,000 to -1,000 

Ferrous sulphate




Zinc sulphate



-500 to -200

Manganese sulphate



-300 to 0

Prices are representative and for reference only.
RMB1=US$0.1466 (Nov 25)


Cupric sulphate


Prices moved lower amid light trade over past two weeks.     


Transacted prices by local producers were in the range of RMB8,500-9,000/tonne ex-factory, while deals concluded in the general market were between RMB9,500/tonne and RMB10,500/tonne.


Although feed demand shows signs of recovery, prices of cupric sulphate in China are expected to remain soft in the near term.



Zinc sulphate


Zinc sulphate prices fell despite a drop in supply.


Transacted prices by producers were in the range of RMB3,300-3,800/tonne ex-factory. In the general market, traders concluded deals between RMB3,800/tonne and RMB4,800/tonne.


Near-term zinc sulphate prices will likely remain weak.


Manganese sulphate


Manganese prices were stable to lower over the past two weeks.


Transacted prices of humidified manganese sulphate by local producers were in the range of RMB3,500-3,800/tonne ex-factory. General market prices were between RMB4,300/tonne and RMB4,800/tonne.


Manganese sulphate prices are expected to remain around current levels in the near term.


Ferrous sulphate


Transacted prices by producers registered RMB500-700/tonne ex-factory, while traders concluded deals in the general market between RMB1,000/tonne and RMB1,300/tonne.


Ferrous sulphate prices remained unchanged. In particular, prices by major producers including Shuxing and Junwei were comparatively higher.  


In the near term, ferrous sulphate prices are seen stable to higher.

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