DSM Animal Nutrition and Health has announced the availability of FUMzyme® fumonisin esterase for use in poultry and swine feed in the United States.

FUMzyme® is the first FDA-approved purified enzyme to specifically and irreversibly degrade fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites. DSM has received FDA approval of the novel enzyme in June (swine) and August (poultry) of 2022.

Paige Gott, PhD, DSM's mycotoxin and Hy•D® category manager, said: "With each year's crop, we see variation in mycotoxin contamination patterns. Fumonisin is one mycotoxin that continues to show high prevalence across the United States. In fact, since 2014, this mycotoxin has been detected in 50% to 80% of corn samples screened as part DSM's annual mycotoxin survey."

DSM is introducing FUMzyme® as part of the Biofix® product portfolio. The two new products, Biofix Plus with FUMzyme® and Biofix® Select with FUMzyme®, will be available mid-November 2022 for both swine and poultry.

"Because of the various negative outcomes on livestock health and performance associated with mycotoxins, it's important for producers to take proactive steps to mitigate mycotoxins on-farm," said Gott. "FUMzyme® is a new tool that producers can incorporate as part of a comprehensive mycotoxin risk management strategy."

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