November 24, 2011


Malaysian chicken imports affected by deferment of plant exports



The shortfall in imported chicken meat in Sabah has been attributed to the deferment of several plant exports in Europe, said Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Yahya Hussin.


Hussin said the deferment from February to October this year, was the result of the plants not adhering to import conditions, including the halal status, specified by the Malaysian government.


"During the suspension, the import of chicken pieces could only be from the US, at a higher price.


"Thus, unavoidably, the demand for the chicken pieces was forced to be switched to local chicken meat," he said in his reply to a question by Jimmy Wong Sze Phin (DAP-Sri Tanjong) in the Sabah State Assembly.


According to, Hussin, who is also the Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, said the production of chicken meat in the state was at a stable level throughout the said period.


However, additional demand, resulting from the lack of imported chicken pieces, caused the demand to exceed supply," he added.


He also said it was obvious that the situation was influenced by the rise in demand due to the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Aidiladha and Deepavali, festive seasons.


Hussin said his ministry had never banned imports, as long as the condition that the exporting nation was free of contagious diseases and products that were not certified halal by the Malaysian government was met.


He also said that the state Veterinary Services and Livestock Department had issued licences for the import of 86 containers with 2,328 tonnes of chicken pieces up to October this year.

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