November 24, 2008

Henan sets high record for grain output


Total output of grains in Central China's Henan Province reached 53.7 billion kilogrammes in 2008, growing 1.25 billion kilogrammes, or 2.4 percent, over a year earlier, according to the survey team under the National Bureau of Statistics.


This is a record high for 5 consecutive years and a grains output of more than 50 billion kilogrammes for 3 consecutive years.


The province granted a total of RMB70.9 billion subsidies for high-quality seeds and agricultural means of production this year, adding RMB3.14 billion over a year earlier. Subsidies for high-quality wheat seeds, corn seeds, and rice seeds totalled at RMB838 million, growing RMB538 million over the previous year. Subsidies for machines for farm arrived at RMB230 million, up RMB109 million over the previous year.


Under a plan, the province is to take steps to increase the grains output to 65 billion kilogrammes by 2020, turning into a core grain production area in the nation.


US$1 = RMB6.826 (Nov 24)

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