November 24, 2008


NEPAD holds talks on Africa's fisheries, aquaculture in Britain


Talks on the future of Africa's fisheries and aquaculture development will hold today at the Commonwealth Foundation in London, according to the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) newsletter, yesterday (Nov 24).


It explained that the purpose of the policy discussion in London is to help improve awareness of the challenges facing Africa's fisheries and its economic growth through the management of fisheries and the development of aquaculture, and to identify policy constraints.


The talks followed the endorsement of the NEPAD action plan for the development of Africa's fisheries and aquaculture by African Heads of State and Government on August 25, 2005.


NEPAD and its partners have spearheaded investments in critical areas in inland and marine fisheries as well as aquaculture.


Representatives of the WorldFish Centre, NEPAD and the Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa (FARA) will present papers at the occasion, jointly organised by Professpr Trond Biomadal on behalf of WorldFish Centre, the Nigerian High Commissioner in London, and the Commonwealth Foundation.


The occasion will be attended by African High Commissioners and Ambassadors based in London, and other invited guests.

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