November 24, 2008

Guangdong's grain export down 26 percent


Guangdong's grain export sharply dropped from January to October 2008, influenced by the macro-economic control policies.


Guangdong registered 166,000 tonnes of grain export ended October 2008, down 26.5 percent on year, while the value of export rose 12.9 percent to US$83.262 million.


In the first 8 months, the drop in grain export was over 20 percent, but the drop eased in the September and October period.


Hong Kong was the largest export market for Guangdong during the period, accounting for 73.7 percent of total export volume, while the export volume towards the EU surged.


From January to October, the export volume towards Hong Kong rose 16 percent on year to 122,000 tonnes; the export volume towards EU up 45.1 percent to 8,000 tonnes.

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