November 23, 2020


Cargill Philippines launches all-round solution for ASF


Cargill Philippines has launched Cargill 360° Protection, a holistic solution composed of products, programmes and services designed to help protect swine farm businesses from African swine fever (ASF), Manila Bulletin reported.

The programme will reduce disease risk and strengthen herd immunity in four main areas: Farm Biosecurity, Feed Hygiene, Enhanced Immunity, and Pig Growability.

"This solution has been implemented in other countries like Vietnam and China with similar circumstances to ours. Studies have been conducted by the Cargill research team, and an end-to-end solution like this would be our best bet in lieu of a vaccine," says Sonny Catacutan, president of Cargill Philippines.

"Based on what we've seen in other markets, there is a way to allow the local industry to still thrive even with ASF hovering around us," Catacutan adds.

"Over the past year since ASF was declared in the country, we've continuously been helping pig farmers who have been affected by ASF to restart their business, and educating those who are fortunate to have not been affected to remain safe. There is no vaccine, and our best defence is prevention," he shares.

According to Cargill, it can take up to eight months for an affected farm to restart its business, with the success of this restart dependent on their farming practices.