November 23, 2020


Aviagen Kft supports Serbian virtual poultry seminar



Aviagen Kft recently participated as a Gold sponsor in the Tara virtual poultry seminar, a key event for the Serbian poultry community.


Taking place on November 3-5, the webinar brought together poultry professionals to discuss innovative husbandry practices for improving the health, welfare and performance of broiler and breeder flocks.


At the event, Aviagen specialists shared their knowledge on health and nutrition topics. The sessions were presented in English, with simultaneous translation into Serbian by Aviagen Kft's regional technical manager of Central and Eastern Europe, Dejan Bosanac.


Dr. Adam Sacranie, PhD, senior nutritionist, explored key points for successful broiler production, while Zoltan Marton, regional veterinarian for Aviagen in Central and Eastern Europe, spoke on how to design a vaccination programme that effectively protects the health of breeder flocks.


Bosanac commented on the challenges presented by the current pandemic and how his team joins the entire industry in finding creative ways to stay connected and continue to have valuable idea exchanges.


"Although nothing can replace face-to-face meetings, we all want to protect the health of ourselves and our colleagues, so virtual events are the next best thing," Bosanac said.


"Aviagen and our customers understand the important role we play in poultry meat production and for this webinar, we chose topics to help strengthen bird health through proper immunisation and to promote the economic sustainability of producers through sound nutrition practices."


- Aviagen