November 23, 2020


Cobb poised for growth with research farm expansion in US



Cobb is making a significant investment in research and development by expanding its Bear Hollow pedigree research farm in Southwest Missouri, the United States, the company announced on November 20. 


The company purchased more than 750 additional acres to more than double the size of the farm. This investment reinforces Cobb's commitment to continued progress and helping support a sustainable supply chain of healthy and affordable broiler breeding stock worldwide.


"The expansion of this farm is another important step in continuing the growth of our global research and development programme," said Cobb president Joel Sappenfield. "We understand the importance of our business in the global supply chain and are fully committed to investing in the future to support a growing product portfolio, while continuing our focus on providing the highest quality in our products and our service."


The Bear Hollow farm is one of six pedigree research farms in the US, with an additional pedigree farm in the Netherlands. Doubling the size of this research farm allows for additional product development and portfolio expansion to help meet and exceed customer needs and expectations around the world.


"All of our research farms play an important role in helping Cobb remain a global leader in the production of broiler breeding stock," said Dr. Aldo Rossi, Cobb's vice president of research and development. "This opportunity will help us expand our latest technology and equipment, as well as reinforce our focus on biosecurity, animal welfare and the health and safety of our team members."


- Cobb

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