November 23, 2011


Ukraine's poultry count down by 4.4% in October



Ukraine's poultry population fell in October by 4.4% , or 10.093 million heads, to 218.629 million heads, compared with the previous month, according to the State Statistics Service.


In private farms, the poultry population decreased by 7.2% or 8.783 million heads, and in specialised farms by 1.2% or 1.311 million heads.


In comparison with November 1, 2010, poultry population shrank by 0.3% or 0.682 million heads.


In specialised farms, the poultry population shrank by 2% or 2.114 million heads, and in private farms by 1.3% or 1.430 million heads.


Earlier in September, the poultry population shrank by 2.6% or 6.221 million heads, compared with August, to 228.722 million heads as of October 1, 2011.

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