November 23, 2011


China Broiler Weekly: Prices stable as buyers stock inventories (week ended Nov 22, 2011)


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Price summary


Broiler prices were stable.



Market analysis


AA broiler


AA broiler prices moved within a narrow range after the recent week's rise. In Liaoning, where availability was tight, slaughterhouses offered higher prices to secure supplies.


As broiler farmers expanded inventories in preparation for the pre-Chinese New Year demand during January, day-old chick prices strengthened further.


China breed broiler


Supplies of China breed broiler were limited, supporting the market to stay firm even though some slaughterhouses attempted to lower prices.

Prices of day-old chick were stable over the week.



Market forecast

Slaughterhouses and meat processors will continue to accumulate stocks in anticipation of higher chicken demand in December and January. Prices of broiler are therefore seen stable or higher.

RMB1=US$0.1572 (Nov 23)


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