November 22, 2021


USDA's FSIS releases Quarterly Enforcement Report for final period of 2021



The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture has released its Quarterly Enforcement Report for the final period of the fiscal year 2021.


FSIS meat and poultry inspectors provided oversight for the slaughter of 39.9 million livestock and 2.464 billion birds, primarily chickens and turkeys, in the United States.


Fourth-quarter production for livestock was off only a tad, while poultry set another record. For the year, 165.4 million livestock carcasses passed inspection. More than 8.5 billion poultry carcasses passed examination.


With more than 6,200 FSIS meat and poultry inspectors assigned to provide inspection services at processing facilities around the country, not all pass. FSIS condemned 254,787 head of livestock and 10.7 million birds during the 2021 fiscal year.


FSIS administrative actions against large establishments producing the most products are the front-line for the agency's enforcement actions. During the final period, FSIS brought actions against only ten large establishments.


FSIS also logged violations against small establishments. Those administrative actions, along with civil and criminal courts, are used to enforce agency regulations.


- Food Safety News