November 22, 2021


Hy-Line appoints new technical service specialist to Southeast Asia team


Hy-Line International has announced that Dr. Wansika Visuthsak will join the Hy-Line Southeast Asia team as a technical service specialist.


In her role, Dr. Visuthsak will reach out customers to deliver management recommendations to reach the maximum genetic potential of Hy-Line varieties. She will also be responsible for collecting important field data and feedback to be considered in future selections.


"Dr. Visuthsak will be a valuable asset to our customers with her experience in research and development, sales and production," said Vitor Arantes, global technical services manager at Hy-Line. "Her background with health and nutritional additives will provide a unique perspective, combined with her knowledge of new technologies, bringing new solutions to customers."


Prior to joining Hy-Line International, Dr. Visuthsak worked in animal health and nutrition, in addition to animal molecular research. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kasetsart University in 2017.


"I look forward to meeting our customers in Southeast Asia and working hard to provide the best technical support for optimal egg production as a sustainable protein," she said.


- Hy-Line