November 22, 2021


Kemin Industries launches TOXFIN® CARE All-in-One Protection against mycotoxins in feed


Kemin Industries has launched a new solution in Europe, TOXFIN® CARE, that focuses on preventing loss in performance and productivity by safeguarding animal organs and tissue from potential damage caused by mycotoxins.


With TOXFIN® CARE, Kemin aims to reinforce the animal's immune system, protecting poultry, ruminants and pigs from the negative effects of mycotoxins.


"The direct effects of mycotoxins, or clinical mycotoxicosis, are not always evident; we mostly see the indirect effects of contamination, such as a weakened immune system, which lead to a higher prevalence of diseases," said Valentine Van Hamme, business manager (health) at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – Europe, Middle East, North Africa (EMENA).


"Contaminated feed is a major challenge across the entire feed industry, but we know that every situation is different and requires a unique solution. That's why Kemin offers a complete TOXFIN®range to ensure the right solution tailored to our customers' mycotoxin challenges."


Van Hamme added: "Kemin already has a wide range of solutions available in our product portfolio to offer flexibility for our customers, but getting our newest portfolio member, TOXFIN CARE, on the market was crucial because it offers an all-in-one strategy.


"TOXFIN CARE offers extensive protection against mycotoxins because it contains a unique adsorbent blend, prevents oxidative stress, supports and protects the liver and modulates the immune system. This latter functionality, especially algae beta-glucan, makes the product unique."


Along with a complete TOXFIN range, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA offers the Mycotoxin Management Toolbox, which allows for correct assessment and offers a solution to address the root of the problem, resulting in solutions for feed safety and overall protection of the animal.


"For successful mycotoxin management, one must select the right product, but other aspects are also critical," said Van Hamme. "With Kemin's complete Mycotoxin Management Toolbox, we can support animal nutritionists and health specialists to make informed decisions on the use of raw materials, ensuring high-quality and safe feed formulation. The end goal is to have healthier and more profitable animals."


Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA's Mycotoxin Management Toolbox mitigates mycotoxin risk with Kemin's Customer Laboratory Services feed analysis on mycotoxins, protects production animals using the TOXFIN range of solutions to control mycotoxins and enables feed control with Myco CURB®, the industry-leading mould control product for feed preservation.


- Kemin