November 22, 2019


Philippines and Romania suffer major swine losses from African swine fever


The US National Pork Board's Pork Checkoff estimated Philippines and Romania to have suffered the most swine losses in Asia and Europe respectively due to African swine fever (ASF).


Citing a World Organisation of Animal Health global ASF report, 45,670 swine in the Philippines and 20,069 swine in Romania have been killed due to ASF or culled in ASF-infected zones.


The Philippines has intensified efforts to curb the spread of ASF in the country. This includes the installation of an automated, modern road bath disinfection facility for animal transport carrier vehicles, plus a quarantine and biosecurity checkpoint to halt the spread of ASF.


In addition to the above measures, the Philippines has also strengthened its border control at ports, seizing several ASF-positive products from China.


The UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reported Romania's major swine losses are due to non-compliant holdings and the use of kitchen waste as swine feed – though these alone may not contribute to the significant swine herd losses from ASF in the country.


Likewise, Romania is experiencing weather conditions suitable for the spread of ticks, which may have heightened the spread of ASF in the summer. Other possible reasons for the spread of ASF in Romania include human intervention to harvesting swine and possible contact with wild boar.


Rabobank experts predict that close to 25% (350 million) of global swine population could be lost to ASF by end 2020.


-      Pork Checkoff