November 22, 2016


Hotraco Agri presents latest developments for poultry at EuroTier 2016




At EuroTier in Hanover, Germany last week, Hotraco Agri presented a new solution for optimum ventilation of free-range houses with pop hole doors.


This development was in response to four problems experienced by poultry farmers, particularly in countries such as the Netherlands where free-range farming is common: condensation on the litter at pop hole doors, strong air stream at the pop hole doors which can reduce the productivity of the animals, a sub-optimal distribution of fresh air in the poultry house, and the high energy costs that occur with an equal pressure system.


Fortica®FreeFlow® is linked to the touch screen Fortica poultry computer which the company had introduced in 2014 and won the VIV Innovation Award.


Managing director and CEO of Hotraco Group, Diederik Fetter, also announced the opening of the company's new office in Colombia. "We already have established technical hubs in China and India to support installations in those countries and in the region, and we are now going forward in the Latin American market," Fetter told eFeedLink.
Diederik Fetter (far right)
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