November 22, 2011


APK-Invest starts 5,000-breeding stock farm


A 5,000-breeding stock farm at the 4th pig-breeding complex near the villages of Ulianivka (Krasnoarmiisk district) and Nova Poltavka (Kostiantynivsk district), Donetsk region has been put into operation by the APK-Invest agro-industrial company.


First sows are to be delivered in late November, a spokesman for the company told Ukrainian News.


Besides, the farm has two fattening shops for up to 50,000 pigs per year.


The first pigs will be on feed as of April 2012, by autumn the complex will have worked at full capacity. Thus, APK-Invest production capacity makes possible to breed up to 400,000 pigs yearly.


The fourth pig-breeding complex is being built within the framework of the strategy towards increasing pig production of up to 600,000 by the year 2015, the company reminds.


As Ukrainian News earlier reported, APK Invest is a vertically integrated agro-industrial company possessing a livestock breeding complex, a feed factory, and a meat-processing factory.


It makes products under own trademarks of Miasna Vesna (Meat Spring) and Kovbaskharchoprom; runs own chain of Miasna Vesna shops.


The Ukrinvest closed joint-stock company holds 75% of the shares in the APK Invest closed joint stock company.

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