November 22, 2011


Seara to deliver inaugural Brazilian pork shipment to China



Seara Alimentos, a subsidiary of Marfrig, will deliver its first shipment of Brazilian pork to China this month.


Lots of ham, shoulder, belly and other pork cuts are expected to be shipped on November 24 with destination Port of Shanghai, considered the world's most active in tonnes carried.


Brazilian website PorkWorld reports that they will be marketed in the local market for a specialised distributor.


Produced in Agroindustrial Complex Itapiranga Seara (SC), the products exported to China represent a milestone in Brazilian swine production. "Our whole complex production system has been analysed and tested by the Chinese and Brazilian authorities, including our integrated producers. We proved that our process is safe, high quality and traceability," said Mayr Bonassi, Seara CEO. Even without projections, Mayr said that the volumes are interesting and should grow further in future shipments.


So far, China has only imported beef and chicken from Brazil. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, since 2008, China is the largest buyer of Brazilian agricultural products and increased its purchases by 214% over the last three years (US$3.5billion in 2007 to US$11billion in 2010). Brazil is awaiting the clearance of six units, two of Seara, to export pork to China.

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