November 22, 2011


South Korea may start importing Philippine chicken in 2012


The Philippines may start exporting chicken to South Korea within the first half of 2012 if Seoul will be able to immediately conclude its risk analysis of local poultry products.
Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala said he has already asked South Korean Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food Suh Kyu Yong to fast-track the final analysis on poultry products from the Philippines.
Officials from the Philippine Department of Agriculture met with their counterpart from South Korea to discuss the Korea-Philippines multi-industry cluster project, a possible overseas development assistance cooperation on agriculture, and the execution of pest-risk analysis on fresh agriculture products including poultry.
Alcala noted that South Korea, which currently imports their chicken requirements from the United States, is more partial to chicken produced from the Philippines because it is tastier.
The Philippines has become a preferred provider of chicken products in Asia as the country remains free from the dreaded avian influenza (AI) virus which has crippled poultry industries in Asia and killed scores of humans.

The DA noted that the South Korean market is as huge as the Japanese market which has already relied on the Philippines for its poultry products following the onslaught of the AI virus.

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