November 21, 2022


ASF detected for first time in Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Brandenburg, Germany




African swine fever had been detected for the first time in the district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Upper Sorbian, in the southern part of Brandenburg, Germany.


The disease was discovered in a wild boar.


The national reference laboratory, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, confirmed the presence of ASF in a female wild boar that was shot north of Neupetershain (Nowe Wiki). The area — in which the finding occurred — is in the vicinity of the districts of Spree-Neisse and Saxony.


The district of Oberspreewald-Lausitz has initiated necessary control measures in response to the incident.


So far, ASF has been detected in a total of 2,666 wild boars in Brandenburg.


- MSGIV (Germany)

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