November 21, 2022


DSM, ACC launched HiPhorius phytase in Seoul, South Korea



ACC and DSM Korea have recently launched HiPhorius at Olympic Parktel in Seoul, South Korea, last October. 


The product, DSM's fourth generation phytase, makes it possible to more efficiently unlock the full potential of poultry, swine and aquatic feeds, thus increasing feed efficiencies and reducing production costs.


During the seminar, Dr. Nilus Phang, DSM's regional feed optimisation (enzymes) manager, showcased HiPhorius' innovative and next generation phosphorus release. HiPhorius has superior pelleting stability and works at lower pH levels ensuring efficacy in the stomach. 


Dr. Phang added that HiPhorius has significantly better heat stability while maximising animal performance and minimising environmental footprint.


DSM also created a web-calculator which can measure phytate content in feed ingredients and thus enable accurate and efficient calculation of phytase use.


In her presentation, "Bright Science of HiPhorius", Dr. Carrie Walk, DSM's senior poultry scientist, shared how HiPhorius phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acid matrix was established and confirmed through numerous in vivo trials. She added that, through HiPhorius in feed application, the additional phosphoric effect of HiPhorius due to myo-inositol further improve animal performance.


ACC and DSM Korea signed a distributor contract to exclusively supply DSM phytase products in South Korea last September.


During the seminar, ACC marketing director Sun-Woo Choi said: "DSM Phytase solutions are recognised worldwide for their leading quality and efficiency. We expect HiPhorius to enhance the competitiveness and profits of our customers."



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